Day of the Devs

We’re happy to announce that we have been invited to be part of Day of the Devs – a very special event hosted by Double Fine and Iam8bit held in San Fransisco.

On November 3, Zoink’s new PlayStation VR title Ghost Giant that’s going to take to the floor and show you all a new kind of VR experience. You’ll also find Lonely Mountains: Downhill by Megagon Industries, an exciting downhill mountain biking game that will be one of the first titles released by Thunderful Publishing!


Sometimes all you need is a helping hand

Press kit | Trailer | Website

In Ghost Giant, you are the protector of the lonely little boy Louis. Invisible to everyone but him you can explore his world and help him and the citizens of Sancourt.

From the creators of Fe and Flipping Death comes this heartfelt puzzle story in VR, about trying to keep life together with a little help from a very big friend.

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Just you and your bike

Press kit | Trailer | Website

Take a thrilling ride down an unspoiled mountain landscape in Lonely Mountains: Downhill. Make your way through thick forests, narrow trails and wild rivers. Race, jump, slide and try not to crash – all the way from the peak to the valley!

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a Downhill Mountain Biking Game focusing on responsive and fun controls, an open level design and an untouched nature in a beautiful low poly style.

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Thunderful, you say?

In a nutshell, Thunderful is a games publisher helping awesome game devs do their thing. You make the games. We find your audience. That’s why we’re here!

What’s on the table?

We take care of things you don’t have time for but really need. Stuff like PR, QA, platform relations as well as talking with players, streamers and content creators.

Got game but no biz?

We’re looking for the best new games out there regardless of genre, platform or mechanics. If you have an awesome game in the works we’ll check it out!

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