Lonely Mountains: Downhill - Patch Notes

Updated February 5, 2021

  • Bugfix: Fixed bug that blocked gameplay when the player crashed after the finish line before the result screen appeared and then continued the ride.
  • Bugfix: Fixed blocked application when crashing the bike before input tutorial popup is shown
  • Bugfix: Block repeated addition of bike parts in case of network errors during profile loading / leaderboard connection.
  • Bugfix: Fixed unresponsive state after repeated manual crashing
  • Bugfix: Fixed crash on the next/previous/me/first buttons when the daily challenge leaderboards were opened from the result screen.
  • Bugfix: Fixed "leap over scores" for daily rides
  • Improvement: Added “new notifications” for beards, hair styles, backpacks and helmets
  • Bugfix: Fixed wrong loca keys for DC Seasons 3 and 4
  • Bugfix: Fixed wrong Tutorial Icon for left stick
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug that navigation in the reward screen wasn't working for the last entry with an uneven number of entries
  • Improvement: Improved layout for an uneven number of entries
  • Bugfix: Fixed Score Display shrinking in the reward screen for aspect ratios smaller than 16:9
  • Improvement: Replaced one Season 4 outfit

Updated November 25, 2020

  • Major Bugfix: Fixed missing checkpoint on trail 2 and removed unnecessary checkpoint from trail 1 in the menu map.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that claimed Daily Ride rewards were only available after a restart.
  • Feature Change: Daily Rides Unlock: Daily rides now only get unlocked after the player has finished the first trail on Graterhorn at least once in Explorer Mode.
  • New Feature: Daily Ride Explanation: If the player opens the daily ride menu for the first time an explanation pop up appears
  • New Feature: DLC Explanation: if the player opens the DLC mountain for the first time and hasn’t played Graterhorn yet, a pop up appears recommending to play the tutorial first.
  • New Feature: Season Length Display: The remaining season length is now displayed in the season ranking screen.
  • Feature Change: Section Best-Time Display: The Section Best-Time display will not be displayed anymore during the daily rides.
  • Feature Change: Section Delta Display: The delta-Time Display for sections (which shows whether you improved your time or not) will not be displayed anymore in the daily rides.
  • Feature Change: Personal Best-Time display: Removed the personal best-time display on checkpoint lines for daily rides.
  • Feature Change: Restart from Checkpoint: Using the pause menu to restart from the last checkpoint will now also count as a crash.
  • Feature Change: Remaining Time Feedback: If players try to start a daily ride with less than 5 minutes left a warning will appear.
  • Bugfix: Rain on Eldfjall in Hidden location: It will now also rain in hidden locations.
  • Bugfix: Daily Ride Redmoor Obstacles: Fixed a bug that obstacles on the daily ride were not always the same on Redmoor.
  • Bugfix: Fences: Fixed a bug that players were able to glitch through fences.
  • Bugfix: Enter Name Pop Up: Removed some legacy code that might fix a bug that the “enter name” pop up appeared.
  • Feature Change: German Localization: “Tägliche Fahrten” are now called “Tagesstrecken”
  • Bugfix: Removed “Start Ride” button when there is no challenge available
  • Bugfix: English Loca: Fixed a grammar error in one of the bike descriptions
  • Improvement: Updated Post-Effect Stack to newest version
  • Improvement: Some slight level design changes and polishing on Eldfjall

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